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Terra Incognita

Recently, in response to complaints from First Nations communities in Canada, Google Maps and Google Earth have added some 3,000 tracts of indigenous homelands to their digital imaging of North America. As reported in a recent issue of The Guardian, … Continue reading

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Remembering the Choctaw Gift

In March of 1847, members of the Choctaw Nation in Scullyville, Oklahoma started a fund-raiser for the people of Ireland, who were suffering through the dreadful Famine. The $170 they raised that day and sent to the Irish has been … Continue reading

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American Indian history is littered with euphemisms masking atrocities committed by the federal and state governments under their cover. Beginning with “removal,” that benign-sounding word for forced marches and starvation, the settler communities that invaded Indian Country have deployed a … Continue reading

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